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On the ground in the air or on the the water, nothing shines and protects your finish like FRENZY WAX!

                                                                                                                      Frenzy 's History


Frenzy Wax was originally developed for offshore racing boats, formulated to withstand the harsh marine environment.
The products initial development goal was to “eliminate salt build up" and allow water to “sheet off” without sticking to the hull’s planing surface below the waterline.This would produce a smooth slick surface, increasing speed while reducing fuel burn and improving overall performance due to the decreased coefficient of friction against the boat's hull. Additional requirements called for above the waterline protection as well as below.Offshore Racing boats are often dressed with a lot of high end graphics and the final product had to protect those graphics without fading the colors or damaging the graphics.This product had to produce the same results if applied to Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Chrome, Brass, Bronze or Silver above and below the waterline. 
The results: FRENZY WAX was born!
Producing The Most Advanced Car Wash, Car Waxing, Interior/Exterior Detailing Car Cleaning Products in America Today!

FRENZY WAX quickly became the choice of offshore racing boat owners because of the "No Drag" formula and Frenzy's long lasting protection in the harsh marine environment below and above the waterline.

Fast Forward  to 2017

Frenzy spent over 10 years in the racing world. Both on the water and on the track becoming perfected to the product it is today.

Now available to the retail market, Geoff Bodine's Frenzy Product lines are the most advanced  in Automotive, Aircraft and Marine wax and Paint Protection systems found  in today's market.

Since 1999 we have been perfecting the products with advanced polymer,acrylic and molecular technology advancements combined with the finest Brazilian carnauba to create the perfect blend for any finish.

FRENZY products are used to protect some of the United States most valuable artifacts.

FRENZY Wax is the official wax of the US Bobsled team

Now available to the consumer. You can get the best product for your prized possessions finish!


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